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A weeknd of escape and adventure giving you time and space to explore the rite of passage and the power that is menopause. 

Autumn is the perfect time of year to escape for a weekend, to create time for yourself, to connect with others and the world around you. This weekend gives us all the time and space to reflect back on our lives, understand the process that we are going through (or will go through or have gone through) and start to envision how we want to spend the next part of our lives. It's about sharing our stories, reframing the negative image of the menopausal transition and acknowledging it as the supremely important rite of passage that it is.

Staying in the beautiful cosy 17th century Nab Cottage looking out across Rydal Water in South Lakes. The yoga is run in a beautifully converted barn witha wood floor, heated by the huge log burner making it toasty warm for autumnal morning and evening sessions. Cosy and comfortable twin or double rooms are all individually furnished. Delicious vegetarian food is prepared on-site using all fresh and, if possible, local ingredients. To relax, there is a hot tub overlooking the lake and a sauna; treatments are also available.

Start each day with a choice of either guided Ashtanga self-practice, for those who prefer a more dynamic style of yoga, or a general level yoga class for those who prefer something more gentle and teacher led. Spend the days out exploring this stunning area. Head out into the hills with the group to explore, watch the clouds, howl and jump into icy cold streams. Go for a post yoga or a star lit swim in Rydal Water across the road. If you prefer to stay dry you can explore the lake by canoe.

If you want to take it easy you can gaze out at the lake have a wander around Grasmere and try out the famous gingerbread or have a short wander - there is so much to explore from the front door. 

Afternoon writing workshops

The afternoons will be led by Dr Rachel Newsome who will lead us on some short accessible writing practiices to help uis delve deeper. Here is what Rachel has written about here workshops:

As we go through menopause/perimenopause alongside other transitions through the many seasons of our lives, what served us in the first half of our life might be less useful as we ask ourselves who we want to be and how we want to live in the second half of our life?

Often transitions such as these bring up a spectrum of complex feelings and emotions. We might feel lost, stuck or frustrated. We might feel called to re-evaluate our priorities, values, gifts and purpose and/or to explore what these might even be.

Just as yoga supports physical flexibility, a growing body of research shows that writing can be a highly effective tool to support psychological flexibility, explore our feelings and navigate our life experiences from a place of compassionate curiosity.

As part of the weekend, experienced writer & teacher Dr Rachel Newsome will be leading us through some short, accessible writing exercises and reflective discussions in a supported space that are designed to help you:

-       Connect with your intuition

-       Process complex emotions and experiences

-       Gain a greater degree of perspective and self-awareness

-       Reflect on what you are ready to let go of & what you would like to embrace.

No previous writing experience is necessary and there will be no pressure to read anything out.

Sharing will be focused on what comes up through the writing, rather than the writing itself.

Who is the weekend for ?

This weekend is for anyone who is thinking about menopause, going through menopause or post menopause. It is all about personal and spiritual development, about coming together and sharing and about taking some time out of this crazy world and creating time and space for ourselves.

If you have an Ashtanga practice then this is for you and there will be the opportunity to work on your asana practice as well as reflecting on the changes this stage of life is having on you and your practice and what this means to you. As the classes are taught in the Mysore Style (guided self practice) then you can work at a pace that suits you on that day. 

If you don't have an Ashtanga practice or are new to yoga this weekend is also open to you and the second morning class will work best. The classes will be catered to the needs of the students. 

The weekend is yours to do what you like with, all yoga, swimming and group walks are optional, however I do ask that everybody joins in with the evening sessions.


About Rachel

I am a writer and teacher with a PhD in applying Jungian psychoanalysis to creative writing. I teach on the Creative Writing Masters at Salford University and am the founder of Write Your Undiscovered Self – an accessible and inclusive creative self-development programme for anyone wishing to use writing as a tool to facilitate creativity and promote psychological growth.

Now in my early fifties, I’m well on my way towards crossing the threshold of menopause. I find myself grieving for dreams I once had that never reached maturation and questioning what it means for me to own my authority as someone who doesn’t have children. At the same time, I have begun an exciting new journey of exploring how I can live my life more fully, creatively, holistically and joyfully on my own terms. Exploring my feelings and experiences through writing has been integral to helping me lean into what I can learn from the challenging and transformative experience of menopause and I’m passionate about sharing the simple writing techniques that I have personally benefited from with others.

Find out more here


Friday, October 25th 

  • Arrivals from 4pm

  • 5 pm Evening yoga class, introductions and intro to journaling


Saturday, October 26th

  • 7.30 - 9.30 am Mysore style self-practice

  • 9.30 - 10.45 am Led  yoga class for all levels

  •  brunch after your class

  • Afternoon - hiking in the mountains and wild swimming - whatever the weather! Or just have a wander around Grasmere, try out the local gingerbread and gaze out at the lake.

  • 5 pm writing / journaling workshop and discussion - relaxation 

  • 7.30 pm dinner followed by evening walk, hot tub, sauna or just relaxing by the fire - indoors or out


Sunday, October 15th

  • 7.30 - 9.30 am Mysore style self-practice

  • 9.30 - 10.45 am Led class

  •  Brunch after your class

  • 12 pm Group walk and wild swim

  • 5pm pm Writing practice

  • 7.00 pm Dinner

  • 8 / 8.30 pm Sharing circle around the fire, ritual and closing ceremony


Monday, October 16th

  • 8 - 9.45 am  Full ashtanga primary seires (work at your own level and pace)
  • 9.45 am Breakfast
  • 10.30 am Final dip
  • 11 am Check out


Cost - £550

Price for three nights. Includes accommodation, all activities and loads of delicious vegan and vegetarian food, plus a lot of cake!

To book please email me at 
or call me 07985 274 181

* A non refundable deposit of £150 is required to secure each booking.

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