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This weekend workshop is aimed at teachers and experienced students wishing to deepen their understanding of the postures in the Primary Series. The aim of the weekend is to look at the correct alignment of key postures as well as how to give safe and effective hands on adjustments. We will cover:

Correct alignment of asanas

How to give safe and effective hands on adjustments

The ethics of hands on adjustments

The purpose of adjustments

When it is appropriate to give adjustments and when it isn't. 

How to hold the space in both a traditional Mysore style class or in a led class

Modifications for injury, pregnancy, etc

In this workshop we will look at working both physically and energetically with different types of bodies, learning how to observe and look closely, understanding body types, the way people move, their limitations and  their potential.

Working in this way with students you have to be able to create and hold a space where students feel safe and secure, where they can trust, relax and let go. At all times you need to stay present and connected.

These weekends are aimed at experienced students and teachers either as a way of deepening your awareness and understanding of your own practice and / or developing your teaching skills. 


Saturday 5th March
9.00 – 13.00


Discussion of different body types

How to work with bodies

Adjusting suya namaskar

Saturday 5th March
14.30 – 18.00


Looking at the ethics and issues of hands on adjustments

Completion of adjustments for surya namaskar

Adjustments for standing postures

Sunday 6th March
9.00 – 13.00

Revision of work we did on Saturday

More work on adjustments of standing postures

Sunday 6th March
14.30 – 18.00


Holding space

Adjustments of forward bends

Bringing it all together



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